Discipleship Quads


A Message from Mitchell Narvasa ~ Pastoral Associate

"While the pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways what hasn't changed is our need for relationships and spiritual encouragement. Many of us are isolated from others physically, but even without physical isolation, we may be spiritually isolated. It might be more obvious to some than others, but we all desire authentic spiritual friendships where we can gather around shared values & beliefs, to laugh and pray for one another, and to grow as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, workers, and leaders. This is what the Discipleship Quads are designed for."



Discipleship Quad were developed from Franciscan University and consists of four people who journey together as disciples through weekly gatherings of fellowship, ongoing conversion, and learning. This year-long path of accompaniment fosters growth through prayer, accountability, and authentic relationships.  All members of a Discipleship Quad should be of the same gender to create an atmosphere of intimacy and vulnerability for sharing. 

Each Discipleship Quad has a Coordinator that starts the group and serves the temporal needs of the group and helps facilitate the conversations by modeling authenticity. This process is much more about peer-to-peer discipling, in that it does not have a hierarchical structure, where one leader is passing along his or her knowledge to the others. Rather, a Discipleship Quad is made up of four people who are committed to growing closer to Jesus as his disciples by learning together, sharing life in community, and creating a place for accountability in this journey. 


A Discipleship Quad is for any person who has a desire to grow in faith and will commit to journeying together with their group for a year. An 8-week shortened version is available for those who want to try it or can't commit to a year at the moment. A group can be made up of people at any level of spiritual maturity, from long-time, committed Catholics to those who are just beginning their spiritual journey with Jesus. In addition to growing as disciples, group members should desire to be formed as disciple-makers. 


The benefit of a Discipleship Quad to each individual person is knowing the love of Jesus Christ and deepening a relationship with him. Those who have experienced that love and made the decision to follow Christ would never go back to a life without him. The reason for this is that their lives were changed forever after knowing his unconditional love. The truth is that this life is available to everyone who genuinely wants to grow in faith—who wants a relationship with our Lord and Savior. The Discipleship Quad model is a proven way to help others experience such a relationship. Jesus is critical to our ongoing growth in faith and, as such, our peace, joy, and fulfillment in life. Community and fellowship with those on the same journey are also important. 


Pray.  Pray about who.  Are there people in your life you are being called to companion with?  Are there people you know who could benefit from spiritual friendship?  If you have a group in mind, please let us know. To join a group and/or receive the material:


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