Men's Ministry


Our Purpose: To help every man recognize the great responsibility God placed on them as son, father, husband or any combination of these vocations. To challenge them to live authentic Christian lives, pursuing lives of virtue, service, fellowship, and leadership firmly rooted in a deep knowledge and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To provide a brotherhood of men on the same journey that offer unique gifts and counsel to each other. Ultimately, our purpose is to convert the hearts of men towards Jesus and aid in their lives towards holiness, which is a life of authentic freedom only found in Christ. 

Who We Are: We are ordinary men seeking to live out the extraordinary mission Jesus has given to each one of us. We model ourselves like Christ who is both Lion & Lamb: Lion, because we recognize the fortitude and discipline required of us by the Gospel. Lamb, because we know we are broken and wounded in need of mercy and divine assitance.



COR ("Heart" in Latin)

(Every Other) Saturday Mornings • 7:00–8:30am
Begins October 21, 2023 | Men's Breakfast October 14 w/ Intro to Into The Breach
Our Lady of Lourdes, Catholic Church: School Gym

Description: We meet in a large group for a short video then break into small groups to discuss various topics related to the mission and purpose of Catholic Men. 

In the past two decades, more that 14 million Catholics have left the faith. In the face of these losses, Catholic men are called to put aside any hesitation to live a life of mission. We must enter into the breach.

Called to Conversion
Christ calls us to a life of continued formation so that, with grace, we can seriously engage the war for our souls. For this purpose, Into the Breach was produced, inspired by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted
Ready for Battle
Prepare yourself for the spiritual battle raging around you. To step into the breach requires every man to have faith and take action. The Into the Breach series challenges men to seek greatness and to be heroically virtuous, to have a character marked by goodness and truth, strength and courage.
Building a Brotherhood
“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17). Through shared experience and small group discussion, men build a brotherhood through Into the Breach, strengthening them in their mission as disciples.


Fall 2023: COR ("Heart" in Latin)
Wednesday Evenings - Follows SJV Religious Education Calendar - [Link to Calendar] • 6:15pm–7:30pm
Begins September 20, 2023 
St. John Vianney, Vianney Room

Description: Gather to fellowship, learn, discuss a variety of topics related to culture, family, mission, prayer, and more, all in relation to Jesus Christ & His Church. 

The world needs courageous men to witness to Jesus Christ.

Families need strong husbands and fathers, and the world needs courageous witnesses to Jesus Christ. Through Cor, men will be formed and sharpened as disciples of Jesus, who are committed to serving him and willing to boldly live and share their faith. It is the mandate of every Catholic man to bring Jesus to a broken world. To live his faith and engage in this mission, every Catholic man needs a strong relationship with God that is rooted in prayer and the sacraments. Catholic men need to proactively invest in their on-going faith formation, to be a part of a dynamic brotherhood that supports, sharpens, and strengthens them to be holy men, hus-bands, and fathers, and to engage in the mission of the Church.