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Summer 2019 - A letter from Fr. Jim

Greetings, Parents and Families!

The catechetical staff and I invite your family to take advantage of the many faith formation opportunities at Saint John Vianney for the 2019-20 school year.

This year, our registration process for all programs will be available online, accessible via our parish website: As you begin this process, I would like to remind you that the indispensable way to hand on the gift of faith to your children is through your family’s active celebration at Sunday Eucharist.

One of the principles of the Second Vatican Council is that faith is formed through active participation of the Eucharist. We are fed through Word and Sacrament, then sent forth from the Mass on a mission–to build up God’s way of life in our families, our community, and ultimately, our world. As we celebrate Eucharist the following Sunday, we bring what we have offered to God the previous week and ask that it be blessed. That’s part of what the bread and wine symbolize during the offertory procession. The cycle continues week after week as we grow in the gift of faith.

With that in mind, we offer many related ways for your family to grow in faith, including:

  • Adults serving as catechists. As a former educator, I can attest that teaching is a wonderful way of learning! If the Holy Spirit is encouraging you in this ministry, please contact Jeannie Moran: [email protected]
  • Judy Benevento offers courses and discussion groups for adults throughout the year. Refer to the weekly bulletin and/or contact her at: [email protected].
  • Adults and youth may offer their talents in music ministry. Contact Eleanor Kiel at [email protected].
  • Youth, (grade 4 and up), may participate in Mass as altar servers. Those who have received the sacrament of Confirmation may also serve as readers or Eucharistic ministers. Contact Eleanor Kiel for those ministries, too.
  • Visit our parish website or Facebook page to learn more about how your family can become involved in the SJV community. See which ministries the Holy Spirit may be tapping you on the shoulder to consider!                                                                   

May the Holy Spirit bless all of us as we continue to grow in the gift of faith at Saint John Vianney.


Sincerely yours,

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