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 Saint John Vianney Church

 4097 18th Street

 Bettendorf, IA  52722-2120

 Very Rev. James Vrba, VF, Pastor


Greetings, SJV Religious Education Families ~

I'm sure you are wondering how SJV will be offering faith formation this Fall.

The latest directive from the Diocese of Davenport (April 28) is that " the near future we will be able to reduce the restrictions for in-person sessions, meetings, gatherings and faith formation activities.... However, since the nature of the pandemic may shift, parishes should be ready to conduct sessions virtually, if necessary."

So, based on this information, SJV will plan on offering faith formation classes for children in grades 1-6 on Wednesdays, as usual.

Some have wondered why our parish has not been offering in-person classes. The parishes that have schools have the opportunity for children to use much larger classrooms. Of course, they have much smaller number of children in their programs than our 400+ elementary enrollment.

Should you rather to "home-school" instead of in-person classes, please contact Jeannie Moran, and she will equip you with resources.

Plans for preparing children for Reconciliation and Eucharist are currently in process. We hope to offer a special workshop for families preparing for each sacrament to culminate the children's catechetical formation.

Of course, there is no better on-going faith formation opportunity for families than actively celebrating the Eucharist. I hope that with the easing of protocols that coming to Mass in person will be of the highest priority for your family.

I am very grateful for our parish faith formation staff to continue to provide opportunities for the continued spiritual growth of your family.

May the Holy Spirit guide us all as we follow the science of the day as well as creatively growing in the gift of faith.


Father Jim


Jeannie Moran


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