Sprouts and Children's Liturgy

These two programs are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

Sprouts Nursery is available during the 8:30am Mass on most weekends during the school year, coinciding with the Sunday Religious Education calendar, and is located in the McGrath Center. No registration is required; it is open to the first 20 children – ages 1-3 – to arrive each Sunday. A pager is provided to parents when you drop off your child(ren) in the event you would need to be contacted during Mass. Sprouts is staffed on a rotating basis by SJV parent volunteers who have been trained and background-checked, as well as by teens preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is offered to children in grades 1-3 during the 8:30am Mass every weekend, with the exception of the weekends prior to Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and on Easter Sunday. No registration is required. Your child(ren) will begin Mass seated with your family until the opening prayer is completed. At that time, the priest will summon the children to the altar for a blessing, then the Children’s Liturgy teachers will lead them out of Mass to the McGrath Center to hear the Sunday readings and Gospel at their level of understanding. Your child(ren) will return to Mass during Offertory.