St. John Vianney's Wedding Policy

Catholic Couple Checkup - Relationship Assessment


What is required to be married at St. John Vianney?
To be married at St. John Vianney, one or both of the bridal couple must be members of the parish six months prior to setting a wedding date; or one of the couple's parents must be members of St. John Vianney six months prior to setting a date. If the latter is the case, the engaged couple should be active in a Catholic parish where they reside, receive permission from their parish priest, and be able to complete all pre-marital requirements at the parish to which they belong.

What are the requirements of the Diocese of Davenport?
The requirements of the Davenport Diocese include completion of the Marriage Preparation Weekend and the FOCCUS pre-marital inventory.

When can weddings be scheduled?
Weddings can be scheduled most Friday nights or Saturday afternoons at or before 2 p.m. No weddings are allowed during Lent, or between Christmas and New Years.

Are we allowed to choose our own music?
When you attend the Marriage Preparation Weekend at St. John Vianney, you will hear a presentation on wedding music and will receive a list of suggested music. Following the general guidelines published by the American Bishops' Music in Catholic Worship, music must be sacred or classical. Popular songs are not considered appropriate either before or during the liturgy. Please inquire first before making specific plans.

Can St. John Vianney recommend wedding musicians?
Yes. We have many accomplished musicians, including pianists, organists and vocalists, to choose from.

Are we allowed to decorate the church?
The worship space is routinely decorated to reflect the liturgical seasons. This should be considered when making arrangements for flowers or other decorations. Any flowers placed on the bema (the raised area of the altar) should be fresh flowers. The dropping of flowers/petals/etc. by the flower girl is not allowed. Pew bows can be attached to the pews using our plastic clips. No throwing of rice or bird seed is allowed.

Is there a place to dress?
Yes. The bride and her bridesmaids may use the spacious Vianney Room to dress. It includes a full length mirror, a private bathroom, hooks on which to hang dresses with long trains, a refrigerator and phone.

What fees are we responsible for?
You are responsible for the following fees: church, celebrant (priest), cantor (leader of song and prayer), pianist/organist, and wedding coordinator (St. John Vianney member who assists you before and after your wedding). See the Wedding Policy book for the specific fees.