Eucharistic Adoration

Welcome! If you're reading this, then I'm sure God is tapping your shoulder to help us! As Father has mentioned, we are inviting the whole parish to help fill up 24 hours of Eucharistic Adoration each week, every Thursday morning to Friday Morning. We have confidence our Vianney family can make it happen!
Click on the Icon Below to sign up!
New to Eucharistic Adoration?
If is a new thing for you, do not worry! We will be providing some material and resources for you so that you're not just twiddling your thumbs for an hour. We will provide things to think about, reflect, meditate on, etc. 
What are some reasons to do this? Protection for your family. Comfort in the midst of sorrow or suffering. Help in a challenging time. Answers in the middle of confusion. Blessings for Fr. Rich, the staff, and our Parish Community! But don't forget, "this is love: not that we love God, but that God loves us and gave His Son for us..." God is inviting you to spend some time with Him. He has already initiated love by giving us His only Son. All we can do now is respond to that invitation.
Eucharistic Adoration on Thursdays/Friday: weekly commitment on the day/time that you choose.
We will have options for requesting substitutions if you have an emergency or a planned vacation. 

Everyone who signs up should get a key fob from the Parish Office, especially during times the Church is locked. 
Finally, I wanted to offer food for thought by sharing an experience of the famous novelist, Flannery O'Connor. Trying to be courteous about O'Connor's catholic faith, her colleague told her that the Eucharist is a "beautiful symbol", to which O'Connor responded back, "Well, if it's a symbol, then to hell with it." Jesus, help us grow in faith in the intimate closeness of your whole self as you come to us in the Eucharist!