St. John Vianney Preschool is a Catholic-oriented program benefitting the child, family, community, and the church. The preschool's philosophy is to provide a relaxed, yet rich and stimulating environment that enhances the social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and spiritual development of each child.

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Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year: 
There is a $75 non refundable registration fee. Parents must also agree to pay the first month's tuition upon acceptance into the program of their choice. (Iowa 4 Year-olds are exempt).

* The tuition rates listed below are for the 2022-2023 school year.


  • Two Day program for 3-year-olds
    • Meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
    • Children must be 3 years old on or before September 15, and be fully toilet-trained
    • We recommend the Two Day program for children with no preschool/social experience
    • Cost: $155/month (2022-2023) for 9 months
  • Three Day program for 3-year-olds and younger 4-year-olds
    • Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
    • Children must be 3 years old on or before September 15, and be fully toilet-trained
    • Cost: $185/month (2022-2023) for 9 months.
  • Five Day program for 4 Year-olds
    • Meets Monday through Friday mornings.
    • Children must be 4 years old on or before September 15 and placement must be approved by the preschool director.
    • 10 hours of instruction for 4 Year-old Iowa residents in the 5 Day Class may be funded by the Iowa Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program. Additional fees may apply for the extra 5 hours in our program.

Learning Centers
Play is an important part of learning experiences for children. Play helps develop large and small muscle skills, build thinking and reasoning skills, and expand language, communications and interaction skills. Play also fosters individuality, creativity and imagination.

Our classrooms are organized into nine specific learning centers: discovery/science, writing, dramatic play, manipulatives, art, sensory, blocks, and music and movement. A computer center is offered in our Five Day program. While the centers remain constant, materials within each center are changed regularly.

Large motor activity time is scheduled each week, either outside if weather permits, or in the Activity Center.

Positive Guidance
The early years are a time when young children are learning how to get along with others and what behaviors are appropriate in different situations. We take a preventative approach to discipline - redirection - that teaches positive behaviors rather than punishing negative behaviors.

Children may be removed from the group when all other interventions have failed. Teachers will use this time to calm the child before returning to group activities. Problem-solving techniques are included in our curriculum and no physical punishment or verbal abuse is every used.

Spirituality plays a large part in St. John Vianney Preschool activities. We incorporate the book Bright Beginnings (Exploring God's World) into our curriculum; we recite a daily prayer and a blessing before snack time. Holy Days and liturgical seasons such as Advent and Lent are introduced. We meet for "Chapel Time" and occasionally invite Father to join us for a blessing.

If for some reason parents do not want their children to participate in an activity, please let us know and an alternative activity may be planned.

Each student is responsible for bringing a healthy snack for the class on assigned days. A snack calendar will be sent home with your child each month. Please follow the guidelines for healthy snacks posted inside the snack bucket, which will be sent home with the child the night before their assigned day. If your child is not able to bring snacks for any reason, please notify the teacher so other arrangements can be made. We will notify parents of any food allergies among students.

Each year, St. John Vianney Preschool holds a fundraiser to raise money for preschool equipment. A portion of funds raised is donated to other causes, such as the St. Joseph Worker House in Rock Island, the St. John Vianney Youth Ministry Thanksgiving basket program, the Kahl Home and the Teenage Academic Parenting Program.

Parent Participation
Parents and grandparents are welcome and encouraged to visit the preschool at any time after the first month, which is an orientation period for teachers and children. Thereafter, parents are invited to help with special activities in the classrooms throughout the year.

The State of Iowa and the Diocese of Davenport require all volunteers to pass a background check. Those who sign up to volunteer will be contacted by our Safe Environment Coordinator with instructions for completing the background check and required online training. 

Call Us
The key to a successful preschool experience is communications between parents and teachers. Feel free to stop by and visit St. John Vianney Preschool, or call us at (563) 332-5308 to learn more about us.